Auri Tempore

Welcome to our jewelry store, where elegance, quality, and a passion for fine jewelry come together to provide our customers with unique and unforgettable shopping experiences.



Our Story

Our story begins in 1990 as a retail business specializing in jewelry, watches, and silverware, with a particular focus on the quality and sophistication of the products we offer. This dedication quickly allowed us to become a reference point for end consumers. 

In 1999, we expanded our presence by opening a second retail location in the Le Porte di Napoli Shopping Center, where we continued to offer classic jewelry in a modern context. The shopping experience of our customers has always been at the center of our attention, ensuring excellent service and a meticulously curated product selection.

Over the years, our passion for fine jewelry and sought-after gemstones has driven us to create an exclusive line of high jewelry with a cosmopolitan taste. Our creations reflect careful study of various luxury trends on a global scale, presenting refined and exclusive jewelry that aligns with the preferences of our international clientele.

The success of our high jewelry creations has led us to establish a presence in international markets and participate in exhibitions aimed at end consumers in the Arabian Peninsula regions. We are proud to have become a stable presence at these exhibitions, where we can showcase our philosophy and dedication to excellence to the world.

At the heart of our production and distribution for these markets is our office at the Il Tarì Goldsmith Center in Marcianise. This center represents the core of our activities, where our expert goldsmiths work with passion and artisanal skill to create jewelry that reflects the essence of our company.

Our Thought

Our jewelry store is a place where tradition, high quality, and a focus on global trends come together to offer a wide selection of refined and precious jewelry.

We are grateful for the support of our customers over the years and will continue to passionately dedicate ourselves to the art of jewelry to evoke emotions and satisfy the most discerning tastes of our local and international customers.


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